The following workflows depict the step-by-step processes BitCurator Consortium members follow to acquire, process, describe, and store the born-digital materials in their collections. Most of these resources are only accessible to members. Learn more about the benefits of membership.

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Title Contributor Release Date
Purdue University Workflow Purdue University 2016 November 09
Penn State University Workflow - Born Digital Content Penn State University 2016 November 09
University of Colorado Boulder Workflow University of Colorado Boulder 2016 November 09
Princeton University Archives Workflow Princeton University 2016 November 09
British Library Workflow British Library 2016 June 26
Processing Workflow The University of Maryland, Libraries 2016 March 22
Princeton University Archives Princeton University 2015 June 30
Penn State Born Digital Penn State University 2014 July 29
Duke University Archives Duke University Libraries 2012 August 12
Beineke Rare Books and Manuscripts Library Yale University 2012 August 12
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities The University of Maryland, MITH 2012 August 12
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Archives University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, SILS 2012 August 12
University of Virginia Libraries University of Virginia 2012 August 12
Yale University, Manuscripts and Archives Yale University 2012 August 12